PAC 30 Bundle

Available for Patients in Louisiana

Prevent post-acute bounce-backs with the innovative PAC 30 bundle.

PAC 30 Bundle is provided through a partnership between Homedica and STAT Home Health

Bundle Homedica visits and STAT Home Health.

  • Refer to Homedica “PAC 30-Day Bundle”
  • “At Risk” status score determines NP/home health bundle visit frequency during 30-day period completed by STAT Home Health:
    • Moderate Risk: 2 NP visits + HH
    • High Risk: 2-4 NP visits + HH
    • Very High Risk: >4 NP visits + HH

At risk patients who can benefit include: CHF, COPD, Pneumonia, End-Stage Cancer, and Post MI

Features Benefits
High-level touches with NPs Fewer bounce backs to ACH
High intensity home health and provider visits drastically increase in-home visits during 30-day period Better communication with PCP
Orders signed/managed by Homedica Respect for PCP-patient relationship
No paperwork Satisfied patients