About Us

Welcome to Homedica HouseCalls … a medical care provider developed to provide an avenue for consumers to receive personalized care in the comfort and safety of their homes.

Homedica HouseCalls is a virtual physician’s office that specializes in house calls. These services are provided by Physicians and Nurse Practitioners.  Most models that provide either palliative home care or primary medical home care are designed around a routine visit frequency of 1-2 provider visits per month. Until the patient is considered “routine”, visits are made as needed to maximize patient care quality while reducing hospital readmissions.

Those with chronic illness, who find leaving home burdensome and dangerous to their fragile condition, now have an option for quality medical care that brings a medical professional right to their own door!

Homedica HouseCall offer services provided by physicians and nurse practitioners who focus on meeting the needs of both the patient and the family.

Homedica HouseCalls physicians are committed to providing a continuum of care tailored to the patient’s needs to help reduce hospital admissions and emergency room visits.

Homedica HouseCalls … bringing quality medical care to patient’s at home!